Toasted Pumpkin Seed Dip with Fresh Herbs

Toasted pumpkin seed dip with fresh mint, chives and parsley. A creamy vegan dip with lemon, tahini and garlic. Quick and easy to prepare.

One of my favorites things about a good dinner party is l’apéro.  It’s something that they do really well in France and my french family can sit around for hours before moving à table. It’s never rushed or hurried and I love that it gives people time to get settled in before the big meal, to get nice and cozy (and sometimes quite honestly a bit tipsy). We’ve recently moved to…

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How to Cook Really Good Lentils + a Spring Bowl

How to cook lentils (really good ones) + a simple bowl with roasted asparagus, radishes and a 7 minute egg. Fuss free spring cooking. Gluten Free.

The original name of this blog was actually one day cafe. I had just moved to France and had no idea what I was going to do with myself, but I knew I liked pastries and coffee and I had this dream that I would one day open a small little coffee shop. This blog was going to a space where I could test and share recipes for my future…

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Moroccan Quinoa Patties with Cucumber, Yogurt and Mint

Spicy moroccan quinoa patties with harissa and feta. Served with cucumber, yogurt and mint. Vegetarian and gluten Free. Serves 4.

I’ve never been one to love things that are too brand new, except for maybe a pair of shoes and a toothbrush. I’m much more of the ‘it’s got character’ type. My husband often claims that I have a grandmother’s taste because I like retro cabinets, brown pottery and floral linens. I don’t mind. I’ll admit I have a major love affair with thrift stores.  I think I love them…

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Simple Pea + Potato Curry

Vegan pea and potato curry with basmati rice. A simple weekend night meal that is fast and nourishing. Gluten Free. Serves 3-4.

I guess this is my attempt at a spring inspired meal. I know the peas are frozen but they’re somewhat local so that still counts, right? While the rest of the world seems to be enjoying asparagus and rhubarb, we’re up here still waiting for the snow to melt. But peas and potatoes are in the realm of spring things, so here’s hoping this post has a little something for…

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