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My name is Jodi and I am a passionate cook and sourdough bread baker living in the cozy mountains of Revelstoke, BC. I have spent the passed few years working in kitchens and as a private chef and I believe that food brings people together. Whether it is over a simple loaf of bread or a four course dinner party, I have seen time and time again people gather, laugh and make memories around food.

Food is so much more than ingredients on a plate. Behind every ingredient is a farmer or producer that worked hard to get that produce into your kitchen. I believe in eating locally and in season, which is why I am proud to work closely with the Revelstoke Local Food Initiative in order to cultivate a vibrant local food system within my community.

I don’t believe in all or nothing diets or that we should be confined to a certain title in order to describe our eating habits. I think Micheal Pollan said it best when he wrote, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”


I offer private catering services for ski trips, backcountry lodges and other small events in and around the Revelstoke area. With me in your kitchen you can wake up to warm cinnamon buns, coffee and local eggs in the morning, next you’ll grab a ready to go lunch with lots of good snacks for a day on the hill, come home to a bowl of hot soup and fresh sourdough bread then get comfortable for a family style meal around the table with friends. Sound perfect? Great, please get in touch :)

My true love is sourdough bread (don’t tell my husband!). I have been baking sourdough bread with my own starter, Stella, for 3 years now. Join me for one of my workshops where you will learn the process of making bread made only with natural yeast, flour, water and salt. You will head home with your own starter (a Stella baby!) and all the confidence you’ll need to make the most delicious bread in your very own kitchen.


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Photography by Zoya Lynch.