Toasted pumpkin seed dip with fresh mint, chives and parsley. A creamy vegan dip with lemon, tahini and garlic. Quick and easy to prepare.


I offer full-time, in house catering services as well as catering for skiing, hiking, yoga and other outdoor trips and retreats. I bring a passion for nourishing others through food and guests will be treated to delicious meals made with quality ingredients. I have experience as a private chef and caterer, as well as a baker and I will be sure to bring along my sourdough starter as I am always happy to share my love for making bread. I am open to cooking for any diets and I am passionate about using local, seasonal produce. I believe that supporting local businesses is also a big part of sustainable travel so I will always make an effort to include local producers when and where possible. A sampling of recipes can be found on the site and sample menus can be found here. A little bit more about my food philosophy can be found here.

Please contact me for fees and details

A simple vegan olive oil yogurt cake with maple syrup and vanilla. Topped with maple vanilla roasted rhubarb. A light and fresh spring dessert.