Raw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges

Raw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges ⎮ happy hearted kitchenRaw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges ⎮ happy hearted kitchenRaw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges ⎮ happy hearted kitchen

 “This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival, a joy, a depression, a measness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all, even if they are a crowd of sorrows who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture. Still treat each guest honorably, he may be cleaning you out for some new delight.” – Rumi

I struggled about whether or not to write about this here. I wasn’t sure that there was space for it, it’s a little boring and too real-life-truthy to merit words here. But alas, it’s been taking up far too much of our time + energy lately that I couldn’t really think of anything else to talk about. I’ll spare you the administrative details but we’ve been struggling for years to get Matt a visa for Canada, and a few weeks ago we got word that the process is far from being over. My heart broke a little when we opened the letter and there were moments of tears, a few sleepless nights and many much needed hugs. All is not lost, but sometimes you don’t realize how much you want something until it is almost taken away from you. Home. I want to build a life in Canada with Matt with by side. I want a home of our own. I know somewhere, there is a small cabin the in the woods with our name on it. One day, it’s Sunday, and there is a fire warming our feet and pancakes on the go and we have no reason to change out of our pjs. I want this day, and all the others in between. Our life plan got turned around a little bit, and I’m sure it will get turned around a few more times in the next year. I guess that’s what life plans are for. But we ‘re not giving up.

Instead of feeling discouraged and run down, we’re eating raw chocolate mousse on the couch and chatting about our dreams for the future. We just know that the best things in life are always worth the fight. The odds have been against us from the very beginning, but in all this crazy world the only thing I know for certain to be true is always, and again, love. There are new delights in the days to come.

Raw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges ⎮ happy hearted kitchenRaw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges ⎮ happy hearted kitchenRaw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges ⎮ happy hearted kitchen


Raw Chocolate Mousse + Marinated Oranges

3 ways to my heart – Buy me chocolate. Feed me chocolate. Be chocolate. 

You can usually find me nibbling on a few pieces of extra dark chocolate most nights after dinner, but this here dessert is how I like to step it up from time to time. Marinated oranges are my go-to winter pleaser for last minute guests, and the raw chocolate mousse just completes them as a final course. Both are so simple and quick to make, and the flavor combinations are endless. The oranges marinate well with whole cinnamon sticks, split vanilla beans, or cardamom pods. Star anise or cloves would be nice around the holidays. Orange blossom water or even a  herbal tea bag can round out the flavors nicely. The recipe below is what I went with this time, adjust to your liking. Go wild guys.

Below is the base recipe that I always start with, but if my avocados are on the larger side I end up adding a bit more cacao and maple syrup. Best to blend, then taste and adjust at the end if needed. I like to serve this on top of the marinated oranges, the fresh juicy oranges cut through the richness of the mousse. Matt prefers his on the side. Your choice, your delight. Much love x

Vegan + Gluten Free. Serves 4-6.


  • 2 small ripe avocados
  • 8 medjool dates
  • 3 tablepsoons melted coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons pure maple syrup or raw unpasteurized honey
  • Pinch sea salt
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
  • Cacao nibs and/or orange zest to decorate

Marinated Oranges

  • 2-3 larges oranges
  • 1/4 teaspoon orange blossom water
  • 4 green cardamom pods
  • Pinch ground cinnamon

What to do

  1. Blend avocado, dates + melted coconut oil in food processor until smooth. Blend in the remaining ingredients until well combined. Taste, add more maple and/or cacao powder if necessary. Place in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes or until ready to serve. Serve on top of marinated oranges in small glasses or on the side. Dust with cacao powder + nibs.
  2. To make marinated oranges, simply slice whole oranges into rounds and then cut off the rind and skin. Reserve one half orange, and place all other rounds in a bowl. Squeeze over the juice of half an orange and sprinkle with spices. Toss and set in the fridge to marinate. Enjoy!


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  • Azu

    This mousse looks sooo good! Love the combination of ingredients! Pinned! Sorry about the Canadian visa, i’m sure you will find a way.

    • Thank you, Azu! As long as there’s chocolate, there’s a way! x

  • Your chocolate mousse looks so rich and delicious! And the pictures are wonderful! =)

    • Thank you so muh Gemma! The medjool dates makes this mousse extra decadent! x

  • This looks absolutely divine! Seriously craving it right now!

    • Haha! That makes 2 of us then! Thank you! x

  • Sorry to hear about your disappointing news. I’m in Canada too, so I understand why you want to be here so much. Your log cabin vision sounds lovely. 🙂 And this recipe looks fantastic too.

    • Thank you, Chelsea! Missing Canada a lot these days, enjoy all that beauty for us. x

  • Jessie Snyder | Faring Well

    This post is beautiful. And thank you for sharing your experience, I just found it really therapeutic to slowly read your words. I feel like we are both in a transition period where the struggles of life are so real and super emotionally captivating at times. But thank goodness we have our pals by our side to sit on the couch and eat chocolate mousse with and discuss life together – just so good! I hope these Visa issues get resolved soon for you guys, and am so sorry you have had to struggle with them for so long – stay strong xo

    • Thanks you, Jessie. It’s been really, really nice getting to know you through your posts + comments. I am happy your out there, just sometimes trying to make some sense of this crazy wonderful life too. It means so much to me to be able to share real stuff in this space, and read what others are going through as well – to find some sort of connectedness. So thank you for being brave enough to share the same. big hugs + lots of chocolate x

  • Jessica Pevzner

    When there is a will there is a way Jodi! Your positivity is admirable! I hope it all works out for you guys!

    • Oh thank you Jess! Hopefully See you back in Canada soon xx

  • mooredanielle

    Positivity is so so important when things like that happen. Especially with something that big. As is taking a moment to breathe and understand that it’s okay to be upset and cry for a bit. So long as you take the time to hoist yourself back up and trudge forth, everyone is allowed to stumble and fall. You will get to your cabin in the woods dream. It will be a long road there but you will get there. I have every confidence in you two.

    And in the mean time, Oh my goodness do these mousse desserts look delicious! I think I know what I’m making for dessert tonight.


    • Thank you so much for the kind + lovely words. It means a lot to be able to share what we are going through here, and comments like yours just fill my heart. xx

  • Wow! Your photos and styling are gorgeous and this mousse is lovely in every way! Hopefully you’ll get the news you are wanting to hear soon! I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

    • Oh wow thank you so much, Grace! I will say that the mousse was really working the camera here! Haha! Have a great week x

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  • What a distinguished combination, can´t wait to try! Any suggestions If I can’t find medjool dates?

    • Hi Florian! I would say that medjool dates are key to this recipe – they add sweetness and a caramel-y texture that helps masks the taste of avocado. But, if you can’t find any, another type of date will work too (deglet noor are the most common here) but I would suggest soaking them in hot water first to soften, and perhaps adding in a few extra since they tend to be smaller than medjools. Hope this helps! Let me know how it works out! x

  • Jodi, it broke my heart to read this post. I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend at the mo. We each have two passports, but none of them overlap. Next year he’s going back to the UK to get a masters and I’ll be here in Toronto, but that’s really the best we can do right now. I was detained when I traveled to the US to visit him in 2014 because they thought I was going to move to the U.S. and get married… which is so far from the truth, because all I wanted was to go visit my other half and come right back! And now my passport is flagged haha, so I gotta travel with a whole folder of documents every time I want to see him. Love is worth fighting for and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the both of you. Sending hugs! <3

    • Gen, thank you so much for this and sharing what you guys are going through too. It can be pretty frustrating and discouraging at times. But – it is always worth the fight, I’m pretty sure that’s how you know. Love, chocolate and a positive attitude – it gets you through! Sending it all your way xx

  • I took a while but I found an organic store which sells medjool dates. Delicious – good job!

    • Oh I’m so glad! Thank you Florian!

  • Anna

    Yummy my mouth is watering right now!!! Love your photography as well <3


  • These are so pretty! The marinated oranges sound lovely and I can’t wait to try them with avocado pudding!

    • Thank you, Christine! Hope you enjoy them xo

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