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That’s me, Jodi, picking wild blueberries in the Swedish Laplands. This is my happy. Outside in the sunshine, foraging and walking through the forest, combining my love of cooking with the joy of being in nature. Being a part of the entire process of making real food, from start to finish.

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I love vegetables and moments spent around the dinner table with close ones, so this blog is my way of sharing that with you. After years of working in various kitchens and as a baker, I was in search of a space where I could let my creativity run free. I cook vegetarian meals and believe that good food should make you feel alive, so my recipes will vary from big fresh salads to belly filling stews to plant based nibbles for every season. At the same time, I whole heartedly trust in the power of a good cookie and a hot cup of tea, so you can be sure to find a little bit of everything on this blog.

I am a homegrown Canadian girl currently living with my husband + trusted recipe tester, Matt, in Charlevoix, Quebec. We’ve moved around a little bit, from Canada to France and back again with a little detour in the middle. We share a passion for the outdoors, and regularly try to escape into the mountains in search of a little adventure. He plans the itinerary and I pack the snacks, so I’d say we make a pretty good team. So much of this blog is a reflection of me, us, and our growing life together. Week to week I am inspired by the vegetables I’ve found at our local market or by what snacks are needed for a weekend away. I started this blog when I first moved to France, and a lot has changed since my first post, but every recipe and story is a part of me + my journey through this crazy life. I’m just happy you’ve joined me for a moment in it.

Good food makes me happy, sharing it with good people makes me even happier.

I always enjoy hearing from you and hope that my happy hearted kitchen fills your hearts, bellies + kitchen tables.


I’m always on the look out to work with people who are passionate about food + happy hearted living. Please feel free to reach out, whether it’s sponsored posts, recipe development or other related collaborations – I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve contributed work to Food52, Chickpea Magazine, Cook Vegan, Mind Body Green and my recipes have been featured on BuzzFeed, TheKitchn, Huffington Post and many others.

You can contact me here.

sweden ⎮ happy hearted kitchen